I possess a lifelong interest in all matters esoteric and have been a serious student of such teachings for over thirty-five years. During this time I have studied and assimilated the contents of various classical esoteric writings for the purpose of teaching these timeless spiritual truths to others. It would be both fair and accurate for me to state that I consider it an aspect of my own Soul’s Purpose to present spiritual teachings to others, towards these ends I have lectured extensively on various esoteric subjects for the last twenty-five years in both the UK and in Europe.

During the last twenty years I have carried out a study of the writings of Joseph Campbell, the great 20th century student and teacher of mythological symbolism, and also those of his mentor Heinrich Zimmer. This has given me a deep appreciation of mythological symbolism and particularly the ways in which many of the great mythic themes depict the trials and tribulations of those who have embarked upon the spiritual path. This understanding allows me to pinpoint, by virtue of mythological symbols, any archetypal themes that are relevant to any particular natal chart that I analyse.

I began studying astrology in 1985 and very quickly absorbed the techniques of orthodox or ‘personality-centred’ chart interpretation. In the late 80s I encountered and very quickly embraced the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom and particularly the works of Alice Bailey and H.P. Blavatsky. The study of these writings diverted my focus from orthodox astrology and the affairs of the human personality to issues concerning the nature and purpose of the Soul or higher Self and one’s evolutionary journey on the spiritual path.

I thereafter embraced the works of Dr Douglas Baker with whom I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysics through Claregate College. My experiences with Dr Baker and the members of his ashram enabled me to study and apply his form of Esoteric Astrology which he had been developing over a number of years. Using the esoteric planetary rulers given by Alice Bailey in her book ‘˜Esoteric Astrology’, Dr Baker developed a form of astrology based upon the Soul and the means by which it may guide its instrument of expression-the personality towards expressing its purpose and intentions.

I have utilised these methods of interpretation for over twenty five years and have been both heartened and often astounded by the manner in which this form of astrology can ascertain the Soul’s Purpose and the viable areas of life in which it may be expressed whilst also offering extremely diverse yet very specific forms of chart interpretation. Due partly to the positive feedback that I have received in this respect, from both clients and friends, and due to many astrological factors in my own chart, I now offer this branch of astrology, together with my understanding of the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom, to others as a means of assisting them on their spiritual journey and in their everyday lives.