As Above So Below

The renowned medieval physician and alchemist Paracelsus stated that Man is a solar system in miniature.’ This statement is related to the Law of Correspondence. This great esoteric axiom upholds the correspondence between the greater, or macrocosm, and the lesser, or microcosm. This is reflected in another esoteric axiom ‘As Above, So Below.’ Every cell possesses a central nucleus that functions as its vital structure. The heart operates in a similar manner in the human form. Likewise the Sun represents the heart or nucleus of our solar system, our galaxy possesses a galactic centre and so on.

All Forms are filled with LIFE

The Soul-Centred astrologer views life as one vast, interconnected and interdependent process. Any serious astrologer upholds the principle of ‘hylozoism’ which informs us that matter is infused with life from the atomic to the galactic. All forms are vehicles through which aspects of the ONE LIFE, at varying stages of a long evolutionary journey, seek expression. Life exists in all forms and the entire universe is an immense, sentient living being with the divine life being both transcendent and immanent. This brings to mind a beautiful quote from the Bhagavad Gita- ‘˜having pervaded the entire universe with a fragment of myself I remain.’

A Physiology of the Universe

It is also an esoteric principle that all forms are subjected to the rhythms and impulses of ˜the one in whom they live and move and have their being. Every cell within the human body contributes towards its functioning whilst also being subject to the superior rhythms and impulses of their host. Similarly, human beings, function as cells within a great solar entity, assisting their host’s expression whilst being subject to the superior rhythms and impulses of this immense life who, in turn, resides within an even greater cosmic entity whilst functioning in the same way. Knowledge of these esoteric principles allows the Soul-Centred astrologer to regard planets, the solar system and the zodiacal constellations as living entities within whom immense beings operate and interrelate. Dr Douglas Baker describes astrology as a study of ‘the physiology of our universe.’

The Magnetic Aura

The human aura is comprised of the effluence of one’s vehicles of consciousness- physical, emotional and mental bodies, or energy fields, infused by the Soul or Higher Self. It is magnetic in nature whereby its radiations influence its surroundings. Planets, the solar system, constellations too possess etheric or sub-atomic, emotional, mental as well as physical structures whilst also being infused by an indwelling spiritual life. They thereby also possess a magnetic aura. The basis for Soul-Centred or esoteric astrology is therefore that magnetic fields affect us not merely at physical levels but also on etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This occurs through the medium of ‘subtle matter’ which science is now acknowledging as ‘dark matter.’ The human form possesses vehicles of consciousness in subtle states of matter which science has yet to discover and which act as receptacles both for the input of astrological energies and for their expression.