‘Thanks again for an excellent experience yesterday. Your reading was the best, and most meaningful.. and I have witnessed many. You presented many essential concepts but perhaps the most insightful was the Sword In The Stone myth. A myth that seems to fit my current situation. A myth that clarifies the task before myself. I admire the breadth and depth of your knowledge. I look forward in time to working through your “The Inner Journey” book and hope to view someday your upcoming work. I may never progress far in my study of Theosophy but have seen enough to have a great deal of respect for the field. Given your experience and all you have to offer in Soul Centered Astrology I should think in time you will visit here in the States. Daniel, California

‘Thank you for this valuable information. I am glad I had my chart read by you . You were so thorough and were able to clarify so many aspects of my life. I learned a lot from our consultation. Â I liked to see in your translation what I felt in my heart, but wasn’t sure, a confirmation that I really chose the challenges, that my soul is here for hard work; it is very uplifting.’ Viviane, Virginia

‘This sort of analysis is so incredibly helpful that I think it should be common practice for everyone. Perhaps it will be, in a not-so-distant future!’ Clara, Artist, Edinburgh

‘I must say I was most impressed by the accuracy of your information which has been most helpful. You are brilliant, you have done such a good job’ Hannah, Yoga Teacher, Zurich

‘You knew nothing of my life history which makes it all the more remarkable that you have been able to pinpoint salient details and to perceive how the chart would unfold in the course of a lifetime, Many Thanks’ Irene, I Ching Consultant, Edinburgh

‘Wow! I am still taking in all that you said re my chart. Your presentation and knowledge is superb and the symbolism that you described was So spot on. Seriously!!! Pat, Rubenfeld Synergist, Dundee

The accuracy of Gary’s readings and insight were remarkable and accurate. Given I had absolutely no contact with Gary prior to the reading his interpretation and presentation laid before me where I have been in my life, where I am currently going and guidance as to areas where I should be focusing with regard to my souls purpose, much of which I am already doing. An incredibly positive, enlightening and revealing experience. Radley Geekie CJA, Reiki & Meditation student/practitioner.

‘Gary is truly remarkable in his ability to see into your soul. His interpretation of my birth chart was totally accurate and he answered all of my questions about my life situation with great insight. I would recommend Gary to anyone who needs guidance on their life and their soul’s purpose.Dana Reflexologist, Kinesiologist, Reiki Master/ Teacher,Caernarfon, North Wales.

‘Very in depth consultation which has helped me focus by bringing my attention on to what really matters in life. Very useful for future planning by indicating which paths are in line with the souls purpose. Highly recomended’ Scot MacKenzie , Social Worker, Dundee

‘To me, what you do as an Esoteric Astrologer is an act of creation just as much as a piece of music, a poem or a painting. Truly a living, breathing work of art.’ Patrick Kitts, Key West, Florida USA

‘Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your consultation/wisdom in doing my chart for me. I have thanked Patrick as well, asI believe it to be one of the most valuable gifts I’ve ever received from anyone! I am grateful that you follow your Spirit/Life’s Purpose, as it shows in your abilities. I continue and I’m sure will continue to learn so much from it.’ Kristen Kitts, Portland USA

‘ I don’t know how to thank you for your chart work. I was blown away, and coming from me that is really saying something. I most certainly believe with all my heart that your work holds merit beyond description and equal potential to help and heal people in search of self-knowledge’ Amy Tuttle, Durango, Colorado USA