Astrology and the Ancient Wisdom

There is a corpus of arcane knowledge underlying both the theory and practise of Esoteric or Soul-Centred astrology. These classical esoteric teachings are referred to collectively as the ‘Ancient Wisdom’ – a collection of timeless spiritual truths that pertain to both the constitution and the evolution of humanity and the universe. These teachings advise us of the evolutionary journey that we are all engaged upon for the purpose of developing and expressing our spirituality whilst engaged in physical form. This evolutionary sojourn is often referred to as the ‘Spiritual Path’. The practise of Esoteric Astrology serves to unite the individual with the purposes and intentions of the Soul or Higher Self as a means of assisting them in this process.

Esoteric Astrology

The modern concept of esoteric or soul-centred astrology was first presented to the public by Alice Bailey in her book Esoteric Astrology. This rather abstruse work introduced the concept of ˜esoteric rulers, planetary rulers of the signs of the zodiac that differ from their orthodox counterparts and which are applicable for those who embark upon the path of spiritual transformation. The English teacher of esoteric spirituality — Dr Douglas Baker developed this form of astrology to the extent that it is again capable of uniting the individual with the Soul or higher Self thereby assisting towards the expression of its purpose. This is achieved by means of an astrological ‘language of symbols’ which offers a key which unlocks the door to the unconscious, the realm of archetypes and causation.

Astrology from Within

The word esoteric means ‘hidden’ implying something which is situated within rather than externally. The new form of astrology that I embrace represents a genuine means of accessing and assessing the veracity of such information. The Delphic Oracle sat in trance offering cryptic utterances which were rooted in the unconscious. These offerings were then interpreted by the priests of the temple. Soul-Centred astrology allows the practitioner to function both as oracle and priest whereby they obtain information from the unconscious in symbolic form and then analyse it in a rational format.


In summation, the branch of esoteric astrology that I embrace is firmly rooted in the great mystery teachings collectively referred to as the Ancient Wisdom. It serves to unite the individual with one’s inherent divinity for the purpose of expressing this in one’s daily life.

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